A CAD Framework For The Design of Synthetic Genetic Circuits

Project Description

It is acknowledged that as the technology to engineer genetic circuits improves, CAD system will be required to manage complexity and scalability issues.

SynBAD is a design framework for genetic circuits based on Standard Virtual Parts (SVPs).

SVPs are abstract models representing basic biological parts, such as promoters or logic gates, and interactions such as transcriptional activation. SVPs can be associated with biological properties such as nucleotide sequences. Designs specified using SVPs can be compiled to a model in a supported modelling formalism by connecting and parameterising template models associated with each SVP.

Genetic circuits can be designed and visualised at a number of abstraction levels within SynBAD, and compiled to a number of modelling formalisms for model-checking and simulation. SVPs can be created and parameterised within SynBAD, or they can be retrieved from SVP repositories.

Synbad includes a number of design automation tools that use evolutionary computation to generate designs from scratch, or from supplied seed designs.

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SynBAD is currently under development. The source code is available on BitBucket.