Newcastle SBOL Stack

Project Description

The Newcastle SBOL Stack is your one-stop-shop to storing and publishing SBOL data. The SBOL stack is for you if you are:

  • Publishing a library of synthetic parts and designs as a service
  • Wishing to share SBOL with collaborators
  • Need somewhere to store your designs locally

We are developing:

  • The Newcastle SBOL Stack, including: Sesame RDF database; import, export and querying web applications; user-centric browsing and reporting.
  • Virtual machine Debian packages providing the Newcastle SBOL Stack that you can install on your own server

In addition, we bundle an example dataset of Bacillus subtilis parts and devices harvested from the genome and many bioinformatics databases. This includes:

  • Promoters
  • Operators
  • Coding sequences
  • RBS
  • Translational spacers
  • Terminators
  • Rich descriptions of the interactions between these parts, gene products and metabolites.

Further information can be found at